Daily Davening Discourse #1: 1st brocho of Shemoneh Esrei #1

Daily Davening Discourse #1: 1st brocho of Shemoneh Esrei #1

As one of my kabbolos from this past Yom Kippur, I will be giving IYH a Daily Davening Discourse on the Siddur, The Beurei Tefillah will be primarily from the Siddur that inspires me every Yomim Noro’im, the Otzar HaTefillos – specifically focusing on the Dover and Acharis Sholom and the Anaf Yosef. The Discourses will be no more than 15 minutes each, and archived on youtube. The first version of this shiur did not come out well when I tried doing it live. I will be trying again, and am tentatively scheduling them nightly (Monday through Thursday) at 6:30 pm beginning a week from today. If the technical problems continue, then as in this video, I will record them on my computer and then upload them. I am open to and welcome suggestions and requests! Please share, and may we all be zocheh to enhance our Avodas Hashem!

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