Derashos haRan – Derashah #2, Chaburah #6

Derashos haRan – Derashah #2, Chaburah #6

The Ran apparently lays out the conflict between Yisrael and Edom as in three iterations — the two as fetuses, fighting in their mother’s womb; Yaaqov and Eisav during their lifetimes; and the history of the current exile, Galus Edom. In thie week’s chaburah, we started looking at the two main conflicts between the brothers — the sale of the bekhorah and the aquisition of Yitzchaq’s berakhah.

1- Why did the bekhorah have to be obtained that way? How was the sale moral, or even legitimate?
2- We started discussing the berakhah — was it a prophecy foretelling a future, a berakhah that would aid the arrival of the right future, some combination? Only then can we discuss the subterfuge, and why it was called for.

Understanding these conflicts will help us understand the current exile.

The text is available with my margin notes at
Or on Sefaria, beginning at

Derashos haRan is an explanation of the fundamentals of the Torah as explicated from texts in the Chumash. The second derashah addresses parashah Toledos — Yaaqov, Eisav / Edom, antisemitism, and the natures of both prophecy and the future.

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