Derashos haRan – Derashah #2, Chaburah #7 (end)

Derashos haRan – Derashah #2, Chaburah #7 (end)

In this meeting, the chaburah completes the Ran’s second derashah. Including an overview of the Ran’s points — both on
1- The three iterations of the struggle between Yaaqov and Esav (in utero, during their lifetimes and Jews and Western Civilization until the Messianic Era.)
2- The relationship between praying for someone and contact with them, and between prophecy and symbolic actions.

The text is available with my margin notes at
Or on Sefaria, beginning at

Derashos haRan is an explanation of the fundamentals of the Torah as explicated from texts in the Chumash. The second derashah addresses parashah Toledos — Yaaqov, Eisav / Edom, antisemitism, and the natures of both prophecy and the future.

Posted on June 4, 2023 by Micha Berger

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