Meshekh Chokhmah – Acharei Mos

Meshekh Chokhmah – Acharei Mos

The Torah returns to the topic of the death of two of Aharon’s sons when introducing the Yom Kippur service in the Beis haMiqdash. What is the connection between the two topics? The Yerushalmi says it is that just as Yom Kippur atones, the death of the righteous atones.

Doesn’t this somewhat beg the question – just how is the death of the righteous like Yom Kippur in the Beis haMiqdash that they bring the same kind of atonement?

The Meshekh Chokhmah explores these questions, but the scope of his discussion is truly cosmic. Parallels in structure between the soul, space, time, the mishkan, and the role of righteous people in the community.

Posted on May 2, 2019 by Micha Berger

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