Introduction to Gevuros Hashem, chaburah #1 (addendum to the Ran’s 3rd Derashah)

Introduction to Gevuros Hashem, chaburah #1 (addendum to the Ran’s 3rd Derashah)

In the Ran’s first three derashos, he spoke a lot about prophecy, about miracles, and about how Torah how Torah can lift one above the mundane plane to be more subject to Providence rather than Natural Law.

So, when we finished derashah 3 in this week’s chaburah (previous video) we started looking at the Maharal’s perspective on these questions. They are along similar enough lines for the comparisons and contrasts to hopefully prove interesting.

We are learning the first two introductions to the Maharal’s Gevuros Hashem. The text can be found at

This week, we saw the beginning of the Maharal’s explanation for why “chakham adif minavi — a wise person is greater than a prophet.” Prophecy depends on the prophet being able to relate to the truth being shown him. They must have a point of comparison. Wisdom allows one to interpolate further details and extrapolate beyond.

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