Derashos haRan – Derashah #2, Chaburah #5

Derashos haRan – Derashah #2, Chaburah #5

This week’s chaburah opened with a long discussion the Ran’s position on prophecy and is a prophecy of the future definitely going happen, even before we turned to the text. The text itself returned to Yaaqov and Eisev and the sale of the firstborn, raising two questions: (1) Why wasn’t Yaaqov’s encouraging Esav to sell it a violation of “lo sachmod” (“do not covet”)? (2) How was the sale even valid — overpricing by more than 1/6 is ona’as mamon, and both prohibited and invalid?

The text is available with my margin notes at
Or on Sefaria, beginning at

Derashos haRan is an explanation of the fundamentals of the Torah as explicated from texts in the Chumash. The second derashah addresses parashah Toledos — Yaaqov, Eisav / Edom, antisemitism, and the natures of both prophecy and the future.

Posted on May 12, 2023 by Micha Berger

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